Style with Less

Don’t we all sometimes feel overwhelmed standing at our wardrobe? Not knowing what to wear? Feeling like you have nothing to wear yet you have a wardrobe bursting at the seams? Don’t worry most of us have thought that exact thing!


Be stylish and fabulous all the time and mix up your look with one simple phrase, “Style with Less”. The key to styling with less is to have key standout pieces in your wardrobe that you absolutely adore, to create a focal piece. One you build the foundation with your statement piece simply build around it. With one piece, you can mix and match with various tops, accessories, and even transition seasons.


Here we have a statement print skirt styled with various tops to create a variety of looks.


Skirt – Michael Lo Sordo

Top – Veronika Maine


Same Skirt

Top – Witchery


Same Skirt

Top – Decjuba



Another item to consider as a statement piece is a basic. For example, a basic white or denim short can be a starting point for a large variety of looks. You can mix and match so many different tops, shirts and blouses to create simple and effortless looks. Sometimes Styling with Less can be easy, so don’t over think it ladies!


Here we an example of the white basic shorts coordinated with a few tops to reflect the variety of styling looks you can create.


Shorts - Witchery

Top – Seed


Same Shorts

Top- Seed

The go to white top can be an essential part of a wardrobe, but at texture and contrast to your style with unique white tops like this Stevie May linen frayed edge top (below). It goes with almost everything yet it has a little something more about it than just a cotton white T. 


Top - Stevie May 

Skirt - Witchery 


Same Top 

Skirt - Morrison 


Same Top 

Skirt - Piper 


Start styling with less by remembering to focus on focal pieces or/and basic staples that go with everything. You will notice you will reduce how many same same pieces you have and you might even find you wear all your wardrobe pieces more than once! 


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