Tips for First Time Consignors

Ready to try your hand at selling on consignment? Avoid some rookie mistakes and boost your chance of making more money by following these simple tips:
  1. Don’t bother unless it’s in good condition.

If your clothing has flaws like rips, stains, or missing buttons, it’s not ideal for consignment. Think about if you would purchase it as a buyer?

  1. Know the difference between vintage and current clothing.

There’s a big market for truly vintage items but not all stores accept vintage. First determine what stock they accept. Businesses know their customer base so if they don’t stock vintage it probably is best that you visit a specialty store dealing in that industry. Current fast fashion is what goes out of fashion in 2 years. Noticeable styles and pieces that you can’t be seen in again as it was “done to death”. Best to sell fast fashion while it’s in fashion to maximize your chance of selling and making money!

  1. Don’t get offended if a consignment store rejects your items.

They know their market better than you, and if they don’t think your items will sell, they’re probably right. Ask what flies off the shelves so you have a better shot at making more money next time.

  1. Stick to stores with an established clientele.

More well-known consignment stores that have been in business for a long time will have more foot traffic and a large clientele base. They’ll also have a better sense of what their shoppers want to see, and they’ll know how to make your items look good and boost the chances of sales.

  1. Get everything in writing.

Make sure you know all the important details: the percentage back as a consignor, how long your item has too sell, what happens if it goes unsold, and how payment works.