How to Consign

Second Time Around offers a simple seamless shop front consignment process for your pre-loved contemporary and designer items. STA takes away the time and effort of privately selling your no longer wanted fashion with an easy consignment process. 

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STA guarantees that your consigned items will be processed and available for sale within 48hrs from acceptance unless otherwise stipulated at the time of consignment.



STA accepts pre-loved contemporary and designer clothing, shoes, handbags and jewellery. All Inventory must be laundered, minimal wear, no damage or stains and be brought in on hangers (hangers will be returned).  Items must be appropriate to season and contemporary fashion no older than two seasons.


  1. Book An Appointment

Consignment at STA is via Appointment ONLY.

STA Consignment Team will review your items and advise you on the items that can be consigned. Unfortunately on occasion STA may not take all or any of your items, this may be due to stock levels and or other factors.

Ready to consign?

Email STA

Phone STA 08 9228 1944

Online via booking calendar.


  1. How Consignment is Processed

STA determines the pricing of your inventory with careful consideration to maximise the monetary return and keep abreast of pricing by retailers constantly.

All consigned goods will be promoted at full price for a period of 8 weeks. Thereafter, the items are reduced by up to 50%.  After a period of 12 weeks items are collated for your collection or at your instruction, donated to charity.

If you change your mind and wish to pick up your items please allow 48 hours for your inventory to be collated ready for collection.


  1. Authenticity

Second Time Around has a strict no-tolerance policy for those who choose to try and re-sell counterfeit items.


  1. Payment

Upon selling Consignors receive 50% of the final sale price excluding GST.

STA offers two types of payment for monies owing for consigned goods.  They are direct deposit into your nominated account or cash.

Should the payment exceed $150 it shall be paid to you via direct deposit into your nominated account.