Authenticity at Second Time Around 

At STA we are committed to accepting only authentic items to re-sell in store and online to our customers. Our staff are regularly educated with current information on the ever-changing black market so that they are able detect in-authentic elements straight away during stock intake.

Every piece of designer goods that walks through our doors at STA must go through a specific authentication process which is done by the co-owner Hannah Nissen. All High End Vintage Designer is authenticated by the co-owner Vanda Reed. We also have a qualified authenticator with over 15 years’ experience and specialises in Louis Vuitton.

The authentication process varies between brands, styles and age. For example, a vintage Louis Vuitton bag would have a different authentication process to a current season cult Louis Vuitton due to the changes to production, fabric and materials, aging of the colour and tarnish of the hardware etc.

Second Time Around has a strict no-tolerance policy for those who choose to try and re-sell counterfeit items. If a person is found to be knowingly re-selling inauthentic items, STA requests a $50 handling fee or they are destroyed and discarded of.

STA offers a 100% money back guarantee on any High End Designer Luxury items that are found to be unauthentic. ( Substantiated proof must be provided to STA before returns and refunds are accepted.) Please read Shipping and Returns for more Info.