Payment Options

How Pricing Works:

With many years of experience in the industry we have an eye for what sells and what is currently in style. We used a specific formula that has taken years to fine tune to calculate the resale priced based on well-researched prices. Items are generally priced at 30%-40% of the recommended retail price.

Pricing all depends on each piece individually. Sort after, hard to find and/or extremely popular items are sometimes priced close to 50% off the original value. Items that are brand new with tags and generally priced between 40% -50% of the original price listed on the tag. Pricing is at STA discretion and we insist that the consignor logs into their account to view pricing on items that hold high value to them.

Payment Options:

Payment of sold items in made once the consignor advises STA that there is money owing to them. You are welcome to money that is owing to you whenever you like, whether it be when you drop of a consignment or when you phone us too enquire about your account.

All payment options are available depending on the amount of money owing to you. Cash is always kept in store for cash payouts but if payment is over $300 STA will only transfer money into your account or provide a cheque.


As a consignor you are also able to use you earnings as an in-store credit, allowing you to purchase pieces from STA with money that is owing to you on your account.

Many ladies love this option as they feel like they are walking out the store with something they didn’t have to pay for, as it was a credit for items they no longer love.